Meet The Makers



The Glo Duo was created by the two of us. We are twins with very similar personalities. As best friends, we have been doing things our entire lives together. We started as womb-mates, and now we are roommates that love traveling the world together. We have degrees in Business Management with similar 9-5's. As aspiring business owners and vivid candle burners, we decided to turn this passion of ours into a small business.
Our candles are made from all-natural soy wax, which is grown here in the US and supports Midwest soybean farmers. If burned properly, they burn clean - practically no smoke. Our soy wax is skin safe. We make our candles in small batches to ensure quality control and we take pride in each candle that enters your home. All fragrance oils used are phthalate-free. Each candle is hand-poured, labeled, and packaged in Birmingham, Alabama.
Why did we change our company name? 
Our previous company name was Gerald’s Daughters. Our father's name is Gerald, and we initially named the company after our father as a joke, but we found a liking to the name- because we are Gerald's Daughters. We were very successful launching our candle business and we wanted to relaunch our brand name to embrace more of our identity. We will always be Gerald’s Daughters, but this twin duo found the name “The Glo Duo” more fitting for our candle brand. We hope you love our candles as much as we enjoyed creating them!